Big Ben Breaks Free!
After years of being hidden within scaffolding, Big Ben (Elizabeth Tower)has now been released and given a makeover costing 80 million pounds. Big Ben’s exterior is now a golden hue with emerald detailing and restored blue clock hands. Originally there was an estimation of 29 million pounds, but due to delayed work and old damage it has cost a lot more. Due to being a highlight of a trip to London, many visitors will be pleased to see the new work unveiled, with the hard work of the Cumbria Clock Company.

Did you know that HP Sauce had an image of Big Ben with scaffolding on the front of their bottles? After Big Ben was released, they also removed the scaffolding, going back to their original picture. For more information on scaffolding in St Albans and the surrounding areas, call us today.

The Benefits Of Scaffolding Towers
If you’re not sure whether to use ladders or scaffolding for a project, a scaffolding tower is more efficient, practical and safer when there is height involved. This is due to the surface area being wider and more stable with four legs and a flat platform, which keeps it steady. Due to there being less risk, you will have the assurance you need that you don’t get from a ladder. A ladder may be wobbly and need more supervision so you don’t have a fall, although you must still be careful on a tower, as safety is a high priority. By having the platform there, you will be able to walk around smoothly, whilst having the tools you need next to you, something you can’t do with a ladder. A platform will have a rail to limit the chance of any falls. A tower must be constructed properly with health and safety in mind, following all instructions correctly.

By using a scaffolding tower, it will make projects easier, especially if there is work such as exterior painting or clearing out the gutters. With a platform you will be able to reach these awkward areas, but you must be careful not to overstretch still. Manoeuvring the scaffolding is simple, due to the wheels that often accompany them. You still need to be aware of risks and hazards, such as wires that can get trapped when the tower moves. Before the tower is moved you need to ensure there isn’t anything to affect the stability and you should never move it if someone is using it. If everything is followed correctly, a scaffolding tower can make jobs a lot easier, without having to worry about a potentially unsafe ladder. For more information about scaffolding in Hertford and the surrounding areas, call Tosun scaffolding.

How Do Scaffolders Keep Safe During The Winter?
Due to the harsher elements of the colder months, there are more risks during scaffolding work, such as slips, accidents and even illnesses.

Regulations ensure that a scaffold is designed properly, to make sure it has the strength and stability it needs. Certain factors are looked at, such as when it is put up, what it is being used for, factors that will affect the scaffolding (such as height), the number of workers using it, how it can be accessed and what the ground conditions are like. During the winter it is also wise to use netting, as it can prevent debris and protect workers from the elements.

Scaffolding checks should be done thoroughly by the site manager. This should be done throughout the year but especially when the weather turns. As the temperatures rise throughout the day, it is best to do work later on, so the boards aren't slippery with dew or overnight rain. It is best to keep an eye on the weather due to the extra precautions needed but if the weather is particularly bad, work should be postponed for another time as scaffolders safety is a priority. Keeping the clients updated during this time will keep everyone well informed.

Scaffolders should wear high visibility clothing to ensure they are visible to those around them, as well as making sure the area they are working on is lit up properly. This will ensure the safety of everyone involved, particularly if work is done in a public area. They should wear thermal layers and non-slip footwear. They will also need to take more breaks to ensure they are well rested and have the energy they need during the unpredictable weather. Call for all your Scaffolding in Walthamstow.

The Importance Of Scaffolding
When it comes to construction, safety is a priority. Construction work has several safety risks so it is something that needs careful planning. Everyday equipment such as ladders, are not generally adequate when it comes to working on a large scale project. As they are working from a height, it is hazardous, so using barriers such as fencing and netting can help prevent workers from having a fall. Anything that falls down can also be caught, which keeps anyone in the area as safe as can be.

Whatever part of the property is being accessed can be done safely, due to the scaffolding allowing them to get to places on the building they couldn’t do normally. Scaffolding also helps workers get to a taller height and provides a durable structure to work on. Due to the efficient safety, they will be reassured whilst up there, therefore work will be productive and both the workers and those who are around them will feel safe and secure during the project. Call today for all Scaffolding in Barnet at the best possible prices.

How Do Scaffolders Keep Safe During The Summer?
In the UK, we are having a hot summer. Very sunny, humid days are causing a new case of issues and risks that need to be looked out for. Scaffolders are out in the sun for quite a while each time. As it is the summer, the UV rays are increasing, meaning they are exposed to the issue of sunburn and sunstroke. There is also the risk of skin cancer if proper protection is not used.

By using high SPF sun cream (30+) each day before working, as well as reapplying it through the day, they can help to lower the chance of these risks. If a hard hat isn’t worn, then a brimmed hat is suggested to help keep their face from the rays. There is also the option of hard hats with neck sun-shades. The main thing to watch out for is dizziness, feeling tired, nauseous, having a headache or aches and pains. Another way to keep this at bay is for workers to have plenty of water throughout their day. Keeping hydrated is very important, as well as keeping on top of any hay fever they might have whilst the pollen count is high, such as antihistamines or protective eye and face gear.

Keeping their hands safe from slipping is important, so by wearing protective and light gloves, it will help them to keep safe and cool at the same time. Also, by keeping any pressurised cans away from sunlight, they will be safe from any potential heat explosions which can cause serious damage. Sticking to these safety measurements will help to ensure scaffolders are as safe as possible during these summer months. Call us for all scaffolding in Hatfield and ST Albans.

High Numbers For NASC Kickstart
Over 400 placements have been offered to young people over the UK. 77 members of the NASC have joined the Kickstart Scheme, agreeing to give placements to 18-24 year olds for six months.

When the scheme was first launched, 50 members had joined, giving experience to 310 people. Now it has gone up to 434, with a growing number of young people starting their work placements, with the hope that permanent jobs will be eventually offered, creating many new careers in scaffolding.

When looking at recruitment, the eagerness to learn and work efficiently with others, as well as having a positive attitude is what is looked for in the trainees. With this scheme they can be encouraged and supported to develop their skills. For more details on our efforts in apprenticeships and Scaffolding in Hertford call Tosun today.

Advantages Of Using Professional Scaffolding Services
Using scaffolding is an important part of construction. It is a short-term structure which is built to help support anyone that is working on a project, particularly one that has building, maintaining or repairing. The taller the property, the more likely scaffolding will be used, as it is crucial to the work.

One advantage of using scaffolding is that it increases the protection of workers. The scaffolding will be expertly put up, in a way that ensures the health and safety of anyone working. They will also use material that is high in quality, in order to construct them.

Scaffolding will also help workers to access awkward areas, like high walls, ceiling or a roof. Ladders are not as safe when working with particularly high areas, as they don’t give the sturdy platform a scaffold does.

Expert services are contacted by builders because they are skilled, have long-term experience, and can deconstruct the scaffolding afterwards. When the work is done and the scaffold is not needed any more, dismantling it can be a lot of work. If you use need any scaffolding in St Albans, call the professionals, you can feel assured that they will get the job done carefully, and with precision!

Benefits of a New Roof
If you are going to invest in your home, then the best thing to focus on is the roof. A roof provides comfort and keeps your home warm, but an integral thing to think about is the structure, and whether it is stable and safe. If a roof is leaking it can damage the interior and cause damp and mould, creating health issues.

An old roof can cause problems and risks with the overall structure of your home. You may find your paying out for constant small fixes which over time, can add up to be extremely expensive.

Having a new roof will make your home more appealing to any new buyers if you decide to sell. If the roof is new then they will be confident that the house is being looked after and potentially your house could go up in value, as it’ll look smarter and be more energy efficient.

Overall, any investment on a new roof will give you the reassurance that you and your family will be able to feel safe and content in your own home. For a full Scaffolding service in North London, call us now.

21st Century revamp for CISR cards
NOCN Job cards were contacted by CISRS to provide card scheme administration services after CITB withdrew from this role. Over the next few months, these three parties will work together closely to ensure that by the year end everything will be in place for the new card scheme.

Those applying will receive both a virtual and plastic card. They will be able to access via any smartphone or device, either virtually or by tapping their card on their phone.

There will be a slight increase in price with the new system but it is hoped that application processing times will be less and card fraud significantly reduced. If you require work doing on a property and would like a quotation for scaffolding in North London, why not call Tosun Scaffolding today.

Intruder tries to scale Big Ben
Police were called to parliament after an intruder tried to scale the scaffolding surrounding Big Ben.

Witnesses said the man tried to gain entry to New Palace Yard by climbing on Elizabeth Tower, which is also undergoing renovation work.

Armed police were called after the suspicious suspect was spotted trying to scale onto the roof of the Palace of Westminster.

The man was arrested for trespassing.

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Scaffolding – a long history
Evidence exists that the need for scaffolding dates back to prehistoric times. The use of some form of scaffolding has evolved over the centuries until we have the sophisticated systems that are available today. Everything changed in the early 20th century when Daniel Palmer Jones invented a ‘Universal Coupler’ that would hold the newly developed metal scaffolding poles together.

Today scaffolding is used everywhere where access to high places is required. Strict Health and Safety measures have to be observed when working at height. To ensure the safety of the workforce and the site it is essential that you use a fully qualified team of Construction Industry Training Board trained staff to undertake the work.

Scaffolding in North London
Tosun Scaffolding has been in the scaffolding business for over 40 years, with a dedicated team of CITB trained staff committed to providing great customer service.

Operating in the North London area, Tosun works all around Cheshunt, Enfield, Harford and more.

Happily supplying scaffolding for residential and large scale developments, all Tosun customers receive the same high-quality service and attention to detail.

All our projects comply with current UK legislation including the Health and Safety at work Act of 1974 and others. This means you can rely on us to bring you a safe and reliable service.

Call Tosun Scaffolding today to find out more about Scaffolding in North London.

Scaffolding in Harford
Tosun Scaffolding are well-established, competitive and friendly scaffolders, based in Cheshunt near Hampstead.

With competitive prices and quality service, it is understandable why so many people recommend our services. We cater for a wide range of scaffolding projects from Tower scaffolding to custom designed scaffolding for extravagant projects.

For your peace of mind, Tosun’s always maintain a safe environment for the workers and surrounding areas. Supplying specialist scaffolding alarms as well as free advice on the suitability of scaffolding for your building, Tosun’s are Authority Approved holders of Advanced Scaffolding Certificates.

Starting your own building project in Harford and need scaffolding? Look no further than Tosun Scaffolding Ltd.

Secure Scaffolding
Scaffolding alarms are now becoming a must have item in preventing crime to buildings undergoing maintenance.

Scaffolding provides an ideal route for intruders into a property that would not normally exist and therefore it is essential to install the necessary precautions to prevent this. 24/7 monitored alarms are an ideal solution for void properties and construction sites where nobody is there on evenings and weekends.

It is also worth noting that if your property is undergoing maintenance and scaffolding is required you must inform your insurance provider. Your claim can be void if the insurance provider covering the house and contents is unaware of the start date and duration of the scaffolding work.

To find out more about alarmed scaffolding contact Tosun Scaffolding.

Staying safe at height
Working at height presents its own unique problems, one of which is carrying tools and equipment safely while moving about the scaffold.

A new rucksack has been developed by the people at which seeks to overcome the potential hazards which occur when tools and equipment are accidentally dropped from height. The rucksack has been designed specifically to address these issues and incorporates several innovative features to ensure tools stay safe and secure, which will help workers on North London Scaffolding and other workers at height.