21st Century revamp for CISR cards
NOCN Job cards were contacted by CISRS to provide card scheme administration services after CITB withdrew from this role. Over the next few months, these three parties will work together closely to ensure that by the year end everything will be in place for the new card scheme.

Those applying will receive both a virtual and plastic card. They will be able to access via any smartphone or device, either virtually or by tapping their card on their phone.

There will be a slight increase in price with the new system but it is hoped that application processing times will be less and card fraud significantly reduced. If you require work doing on a property and would like a quotation for scaffolding in North London, why not call Tosun Scaffolding today.

Intruder tries to scale Big Ben
Police were called to parliament after an intruder tried to scale the scaffolding surrounding Big Ben.

Witnesses said the man tried to gain entry to New Palace Yard by climbing on Elizabeth Tower, which is also undergoing renovation work.

Armed police were called after the suspicious suspect was spotted trying to scale onto the roof of the Palace of Westminster.

The man was arrested for trespassing.

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Scaffolding – a long history
Evidence exists that the need for scaffolding dates back to prehistoric times. The use of some form of scaffolding has evolved over the centuries until we have the sophisticated systems that are available today. Everything changed in the early 20th century when Daniel Palmer Jones invented a ‘Universal Coupler’ that would hold the newly developed metal scaffolding poles together.

Today scaffolding is used everywhere where access to high places is required. Strict Health and Safety measures have to be observed when working at height. To ensure the safety of the workforce and the site it is essential that you use a fully qualified team of Construction Industry Training Board trained staff to undertake the work.

Scaffolding in North London
Tosun Scaffolding has been in the scaffolding business for over 40 years, with a dedicated team of CITB trained staff committed to providing great customer service.

Operating in the North London area, Tosun works all around Cheshunt, Enfield, Harford and more.

Happily supplying scaffolding for residential and large scale developments, all Tosun customers receive the same high-quality service and attention to detail.

All our projects comply with current UK legislation including the Health and Safety at work Act of 1974 and others. This means you can rely on us to bring you a safe and reliable service.

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Scaffolding in Harford
Tosun Scaffolding are well-established, competitive and friendly scaffolders, based in Cheshunt near Hampstead.

With competitive prices and quality service, it is understandable why so many people recommend our services. We cater for a wide range of scaffolding projects from Tower scaffolding to custom designed scaffolding for extravagant projects.

For your peace of mind, Tosun’s always maintain a safe environment for the workers and surrounding areas. Supplying specialist scaffolding alarms as well as free advice on the suitability of scaffolding for your building, Tosun’s are Authority Approved holders of Advanced Scaffolding Certificates.

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Secure Scaffolding
Scaffolding alarms are now becoming a must have item in preventing crime to buildings undergoing maintenance.

Scaffolding provides an ideal route for intruders into a property that would not normally exist and therefore it is essential to install the necessary precautions to prevent this. 24/7 monitored alarms are an ideal solution for void properties and construction sites where nobody is there on evenings and weekends.

It is also worth noting that if your property is undergoing maintenance and scaffolding is required you must inform your insurance provider. Your claim can be void if the insurance provider covering the house and contents is unaware of the start date and duration of the scaffolding work.

To find out more about alarmed scaffolding contact Tosun Scaffolding.

Staying safe at height
Working at height presents its own unique problems, one of which is carrying tools and equipment safely while moving about the scaffold.

A new rucksack has been developed by the people at which seeks to overcome the potential hazards which occur when tools and equipment are accidentally dropped from height. The rucksack has been designed specifically to address these issues and incorporates several innovative features to ensure tools stay safe and secure, which will help workers on North London Scaffolding and other workers at height.